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Return To The Source Vol 1 PRE-ORDER

Return To The Source Vol 1 PRE-ORDER

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In the Beginning... there was a question that often eluded us in its simplicity: "Who am I?" I have grappled with this inquiry throughout my life. My journey, like many of yours, was paved with choices—choices about what to eat, how to live, and whom to become. Born into a world where the Standard American Diet (SAD) was the norm, I consumed what was readily available: processed foods, sugary drinks, and, yes, little to no water. Reflecting back, the allergies, skin irritations, migraines, and, by my twenties, severe high blood pressure and autoimmune deficiencies, were more than just health issues; they were the echoes of my lifestyle choices.


As we delve into "Return to the Source," this book isn't just about questioning our diet; it's about introspecting our entire way of being. How did our upbringing, environment, and the media we consumed shape us? What impact did it have on our spirit, our thoughts, our very essence?


The term 'natural' often gets lost in today's lexicon, overshadowed by convenience and quick fixes. But let's ponder this: When a baby first enters our world, we nurture them with a simple diet of pureed fruits and veggies. Why do we stray so far from what nurtured us during our developmental stages? In this book, we will explore this shift, grounding our discussion in both philosophical thought and biblical references, specifically Genesis 1:29-31, which speaks of God's intended diet for us.


But as we look around, we find ourselves in a world where natural is often the exception, not the rule. GMOs, lab-created meats, mass-produced and processed foods, even within the vegan realm, have become the norm. This book will challenge you to compare a 'normal' breakfast to a 'natural' one, exploring not only the origin of our dietary habits but also their evolution over time.


As we embark on this journey back to the source, I invite you to reflect. Ask yourself: Why do I consume what I consume? How can I change habits that are evidently harmful? This book is more than just a guide; it's a call to action. It's a challenge to return to the basics, to the natural, to what we were always meant to be.


Together, let's explore how our consumption shapes our reality, how traditions and habits can pull us away from our true selves and our divine purpose. Remember, your choices not only define your health; they reflect your connection to the world and to the divine. It's time to ask the tough questions, to seek not just what is convenient, but what is truly good for us.


As we close this introduction and embark on this transformative journey in "Return to The Source," let's embrace the wisdom that lies in simplicity, in nature, and in the nourishing sources God has provided for us.


Join us, as we return to the source.

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